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カメラを obsession - "I want to be like 加藤成亮"

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まずは、日本語も話すことができない。 英語は私もpreferenceです。 私はいい人ナ.....もう〜 あきらめて!(_ _)

"I want to be like Kato Shigeaki"
Full time student, part time DJ, a discrete musician and a dreamer with a sense of complication. Most of the time, you'll find me spurring out the phrase, "I want to be like Kato Shigeaki" because really, isn't he really someone special? At least, that is the case to me.

Kato Shigeaki
So why Kato-san? No, its not about his looks, but its about him. Its very rare for me to come across someone who I want to "be like." In many ways, his "elite" time and his "down" times makes him human. Of course he is, though being in Johnny's sometimes that might not be the case, but his desire to seek the balance within the ups and downs is what makes me love him so much. Being in the same position as him, I really do think of him as an ideal big brother. As well, like me, he likes to be appreciated for his talented works. Yes I call them talented because whether it is his writing skills or photography skills they all suit my taste. Most of all, Kato Shigeaki's confidence is the most admirable, " I just do things that I like to do. "

With this current Kpop hiatus, I find it ironic that I'm using "Eum-ag" but the only K artists I listen to are Tohoshinki and IU. Others are currently not on my ipod. NEWS occupies most of my memory space as I return from my JEhiatus! One Ok Rock, flumpool, and Plastic Tree are other types of music I listen to

The name is Patty or Kizu whichever you prefer, I'm a fangirl for the most part, I occasionally write fan-fictions and drabblets here and there. Sometimes you'll see me with a bright smile and energetic tone, and sometimes with a emotional sonnet. A growing APLIT scholar this year so I'm using both my blogs as a practice place for my theroims, fandomism, and all sorts of intellect. I'm not really that special, but I could be if you got to know me. Generally, I don't mind if there are afflicting positions in views, just as long as we all respect each other and our values.

カメラを obsession
Whether its with a camera, with words, you can surely be able to express yourself. Whatever that obsession is, it should continue you on. All of us are born in a war filled world, and whatever drives you should be an obsession.